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Infinite Life
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Infinite Life

Introduction: To express my thoughts in a comprehensible way, I decided to use a few of my own images, along with the essential images and descriptions of the “great ones”, always citing the authors of the said pictures and descriptions, whom I would hereby like to offer my most sincere gratitude!

Religious studies, as well as the Bible itself, let us think what we will about eternal life, making it a matter of faith.                  You must believe in life after death and if you behave well, you will end up in Heaven!                                                                      And if you do not behave as prescribed by the Book, you can repent and will be forgiven!                                                              However, every single individual is – whether consciously or unconsciously – concerned about what happens to one, particularly to him or her, after the end of their life on earth.                                                                                                                The human body evolved by evolution over billions of years, is a special, extremely complex aggregate of cells created from the material and atoms of the nucleus of dead stars, and this special aggregate of cells is even capable of thinking.                THE THINKING HUMAN BEING! 

Countless scientists, researchers and physicians have been devoting their lives to extending human life. Unfortunately, we are still far from the longevity of Methuselah (about 500 years), but progress has been made. Many scientists hold that ageing is caused by telomeres in our cells becoming shorter, so that’s what we should try and inhibit. Yes, but then only young cells would form in our bodies and their quick growth would contribute to an increase in the occurrence of cancer, which is already quite frequent at old age. The inhibition of the growth of young cells however, would lead to increased ageing of our cells, so life would not be prolonged. 

It needs to be added, though, that rather than the mere length of life, the quality of joyful life is truly important for prolonging human life. In addition, it is very important to have goals and plans for every day, tomorrow, next week, next year, what we want to achieve, and we will achieve it!

Many say that thought itself makes a long life and creates scientific results which can then live on in mankind’s collective awareness for long. Newton-Einstein-Hawking!                                                                                                                                        Yes, this is another good idea concerning long life. People with their creations seek to achieve eternal life. Since die we then, when everybody forget us and no one will remember to us anymore!

But then, I still do not have the feeling that I actually know what will happen to the whole lot of knowledge, the individual’s character, concentrated in one’s brains, everything that has not been written down or shared with others by words, but the thoughts still exist!

 As an astronomer  - I need to digress a little bit at this point. Confirmed by many eminent physicists (Steven Hawking), many and many people are concerned to deal with the properties of the black hole and especially the fact that the information falling into the black hole will be lost or not !?                                                                                                                                        However, little is known about the black hole, but one thing is sure: the conditions inside, high pressure, high temperature, enormous atomic weight, etc., are so extreme that they should destroy everything. Even the information!                                      Eternal life could not be realized in the black hole either!                                                                                                                           

Experiment:                                                                                                                                                                                                          I sometimes think of something in one room, which I have to go to another room to fetch, but by the time I get there I forget what I’ve come for. I have asked people about it, whether others have had similar experiences, and, regardless of age or sex, I have been always told that this has happened to nearly everyone, i.e. thinking of going someplace to fetch something and by the time they get there they forget what they’d come for.                                                                                                                          The method I have chosen as an explorer and an observer is going back to the place where the thought came to me for the first time and there I was reminded of the original intention in a short way again.

What does this mean?                                                                                                                                                                                       I think the above experiment shows that the occurrence of our thought creates an as yet unknown field of energy around our body and head, and then returning back into that field, the original thought comes back to us again with the help of the energy field.

Our brains can be examined with an EEG machine and electrodes placed on our heads, which shows how our thoughts work.                                                                                                                                                                                                Our brains can be examined with MRI equipment, and there the thoughts can be clearly seen in the brain fields.            Brain MRI and EEG scans prove that thoughts produce energy in our brain, this energy field radiates around our brain. We know very little about our brains, and as it is known only for approx. one tenth of it is used.

One step further, it seems that we have a continuously changing field of energy that is independent of, but created by our bodies, primarily around our brains, and that field of energy exists even when we have left it behind.                                           So there may be the existence of our energy field created by our body and brain is INFINITE!                                                   That it does not vanish when we die!

We also have to deal with the remote sensing of the idea that proves the above, which, according to the experiment, has been proven to work mainly in military science, even between a spacecraft and Earth.                                                                              B.C. In 3000, specially trained Egyptian priests were able to talk to each other from hundreds of miles away with a field of brain energy.

The Universe comprises an immense number of stars, spiral galaxies, clouds, energy and dense lumps of energy that can appear and disappear instantly anywhere. It is possible that our brain energy field will become eternal in this way and may appear at any time connected with another energy field as a scientific thought, even in another individual.                                                                                                                                                                                                            If this is true, and the reasoning so far guiding my pen has brought me to this point, then it is also true that the thoughts of an infinite number of thinking beings (humans) exist, even after their death, and appear and disappear in the Universe moving faster than light, then forming groups, and finally a thinking creator, forming the entire universe, thus realizing the existence of the CREATIVE GOD as well as the eternal life of the individual! 

Zselic-2015.07.11. Albireo twin-star / By: Ferenc Hollósi 

Ferenc Hollósi                                                                                                                                                                                              Hungary, Budapest