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Affirmation, explanation and demonstration
​of the infinity of the Universe   
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Affirmation, explanation and demonstration

of the infinity of the Universe   

Budapest, 09.03.2019 ​ Invention – Ferenc Hollósi  - Hungary​

Ten years ago, while reading the books of Stephen Hawking, I was thinking of how to explain the infinity of the Universe.  Since then, a lot of time has passed and as no other astronomer with a level of education higher than me has comme to a similar conclusion, I thought I would still publish my novel approach and idea of the infinite character of the Universe.

The emergence and the existence of the known Universe is explained and proved by many people in many ways. In the meantime, the basic numbers, the size of the Universe are constantly changing.                                                                                The size of the Universe changes at light speed in relation to the external expansion of the alleged light speed. Therefore, our perceptions and conclusions must be reviewed at light speed, too, as they amortise.

Typically, the size of the known Universe is always given in one direction, 13.8 billion light years radially, but my opinion is that the Universe is spatial, and if it is 13.8 billion light years in one direction, then it must be 13.8 billion light years in the other direction, as well; what’s more, it might be 13.8 billion light years in all direction of the space? Nobody speaks about the spatial size of the Universe.

New ideas come from astrophysicists, mediated by Morgan Freeman, with new explanations.                                                            But they do not get to the real conclusion. According to my assumption, there is not only one known or “unknown universe?”. We can see only up to the point so far as our best telescope, currently the Hubble can see. But after that,  beyond “the known Universe” nothing or someting else exists, as well, no one dares to say or assume.                                                                              But it is there, it must be there!

I think that the known Universe, irrespectively of its size, is an atomic component of an infinitely large material. The infinitely Universe, imagined by me – I think -  it is the atomic component of an even more infinitely larger material. 

If we continue the idea and repeat it infinitely many times, we can write the infinite signal in a macro-positive direction, and here is the explanation of the infinity of the Universe, not only in plance but also in space and in time. 

Yes, but if mathematics is true, if something has a positive and infinite state, then there must be another direction, as well!  This means, that the atoms that building up our Universe, the Sun, the Earth, our objects and bodies cannot be further broken down according to our current knowledge, even though these same atoms consist of many infinitely small universes.

Then, continuing the line and the idea, assuming smaller and smaller materials in the infinitely small direction and thinking of their atomic components, we get in the infinitely direction to the micro and even more micro dimensions and towards the infinity.

By creating infinite space and material, the Creator (God) created the infinite universe as above mentioned, but also created the man,  who wants to understand God's creative thoughts. God's thoughts cannot be approached by Newtonian physics. It follows that the Creator (God) is infinite, too.

It is well known that, according to the mathematics, the infinities can encounter in infinity, so perhaps the currently strongly explored Newtonian physics and quantum physics can be jointly explained.

For me, who was ever once an atheist, now I believe, there must be an infinite consciousness, the “God”, which has created the infinity, hardly could be explained both in physics and mathematics, created its Newtonian and quantum physical qualities, being reborn again and again continuously,  for a long time, has been, being today and will be in the future!

​The chaos and chaos theory is a vital element of the rebirth in the Universe, and the cycle never stops in the infinity.