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The Universe won’t cease to exist!
What Happened before The Big Bang?
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The Universe won’t cease to exist!

What Happened before The Big Bang?

Background: In order to express my thoughts in a more comprehensive way, I have used self-made pictures, as well as necessary images and descriptions of “great ones”; many thanks to their authors referenced hereunder!


Views expressed in the present study are a result of thorough examination - nevertheless, in my opinion it’s a unified whole, and constitute a logical sequence of statements regarding The Big Bang and its origin.                                                                      My concept of a whole new approach focuses on the question: “What happened before The Big Bang?”                                          Let me share my brand new answer to that question!                                                                                                                            Today's science is tomorrow's mistake; however, we shall always dare to move forward new thoughts!                                Scientific progress is achieved by fearless innovators.                                                                                                                        Einstein once described himself as follows:                                                                                                                                                   
"I am a very simple man, only extremely curious”. Even in his later years, he was full of ideas and amazing thoughts, and he did have some good ideas, too.

Many scientist, getting attention, deny the creation of the Universe with the Big Bang.                                                                    Yes, everything can be denied, not even a man who has been on the Moon !?

The origin of our Universe, as we know it today, was considered to be the result of The Big Bang for a long time, stating before The Big Bang, there was supposed to be nothing, or only a single atom. That was an axiom. Many scientists believed that matter could not originate from emptiness, subsequently neither does our Universe. But perhaps the question of what was there before The Big Bang, and what lead to the creation of such gigantic amounts of matter and energy, is even more intriguing. The scientific community has already established the creation and evolvement of matter (which started 13,7 billion light years ago); however, the aforementioned question remains unanswered.
Discussing this fundamental issue way back in the 13th century, the famous Italian philosopher, Thomas Aquinas the Saint (1224-1274) stated the following principles:

“Things are in motion, so there must be someone, who moves it first.                                                                                             
There are causes of things, so there must be an initial cause of itself.                                                                                                        Things exist, therefore there must be a Creator.                                                                                                                                         
The perfect goodness exist, and there must exist the source of it                                                                                                             
A plan could be seen on the things, thus serving a special purpose.”

It is fascinating to me that the aforementioned principle in essence, have answered the creation of the Universe as early as around 1300 A.D. - this assumption was confirmed by the scientific community through the use of satellites and other equipment in the last 10-20 years.

 The Big Bang is “a giant masterpiece, designed by the Creator,                                                                                         
which now I try to explain in further thoughts, which keeps evolving under His rules and His laws of physics;                    
having created the Universe, billions of stars, cosmic dusts, spiral galaxies including the Milky Way, the Sun, the planets orbiting around it, and, of course, our home planet - the Earth.                                                                                                                 
​If bringing the Earth a couple percent closer to the Sun, then the planet would overheat; or moving it just a little further away, we would all freeze to death.                                                                                                                                                                    Should the composition of matter and gases found on Earth have been just a tiny bit different; or waters adapt a different temperature; or the sunlight become too strong or too weak; or the composition of the “primordial soup” be altered -                the first DNA and the first living cell, able to reproduce and feed itself, would not have appeared, and from which would not have been evolved life and our intelligent human kind on the Earth, by the evolution.                                                    Nowadays, this human kind tries to understand the thoughts of the Creator, and reproduce DNA and the first living cell or “living creature” in an artificial way.

Many of the “coincidences” ?, physics and chemistry described above had to be realized in order for life and Mankind to be created on Earth. The theory of GENESIS shows its well-thought-out and created design from the Big Bang. Moreover, the wave function confirms that the entire Galaxy, including the Milky Way, the Sun, and the EARTH, has been created to be prepared to await the creation of LIFE and HUMANS.

Figure 12.1: The wave function of the Universe, stated by Hawking, is most likely concentrated around our Universe.  We live in our Universe because it is the most likely outcome, that’s why it has the most likely outcome. However, we must consider the (however odd) probability of the wave function resulting in different, parallel universes. Therefore, passing through parallel universes, however unlikely it may appear, could still be possible.

The figure depicting the wave function of the Universe indicates that in our Universe life is almost only possible here, ….that is, “, the laws of physics are completely different in parallel universes, and that’s why the physical conditions necessary for life are probably not granted either.” (Kaku Michio: Hyperspace, p. 262)

Figures 12.1 and 12.2 refer to the limitless universes being inside the Universe, which are pursuant to the “baby universes” theory of Stephen Hawking, interconnected through wormholes.                                                                                                             
It seems possible that our Universe is only one of the infinite numbers of parallel universes, which are all interconnected through an infinite chain of wormholes. Travel through the wormholes is perhaps possible, though very unlikely to happen.

“A plan could be seen on the things, thus serving a special purpose...” (written by Thomas Aquinas)                                                If people with intelligence would devote more attention to our home, planet Earth, and not to break its fragile balance needed for life - well, that would be a good change!                                                                                                                What was there before “The Big Bang”?                                                                                                                                                 
​This question is unreasoned in itself, as all matter had been existed before The Big Bang, considering that matter cannot be ceased, only changed and also will be existing, being transformed continuously.                                                The Cosmos is not an empty space - it contains immense amounts of quantum wave energy, plasma state matter and other matters. From the concentration of the aforementioned, with the presence of plasma, led to The Big Bang. Pursuant to Einstein’s famous formula (E = m x c²), energy was converted into matter, in special circumstances.

At the time of the formation of the Big Bang, its material was strikingly similar, in many ways identical to the material of a Black Hole. It is my opinion that the material of our Universe, before its birth, the Big Bang has been created as a Huge Black Hole, having concentrated in it, forming a singularity, attracting the material existing in the Cosmos with its immense gravity.

The genesis!

The first small object was created due to the continuously coming up of energy clusters and the concentration of substances in the Cosmos, these clusters grew by attracting to each other, and from these clusters by moving the matter each other, an ever-expanding cloud of matter was condensate.                                                                                                          
Also matter could be created from energy, too according the formula E = m x c2.

 The quantum phenomenon also confirms the existence of matter, in such a way, that existing, vanishing and reappearing of               matter within a particular space.                                                                                                                                                                           Matter can be found everywhere in the Cosmos!

As the merger of matter progressed, the core of the matter subsequently solidified, implemented also its increasing gravity of the solid core. The process evolved by the continous movement of small objects in the Cosmos, attracting more and more matter with its mass and its enormous gravity, and eventually creating a black hole.

 The Black Hole was created, with the singularity in its center, according the scientists.                                                                         Singularity: refers to an altered, specific state of particles, which are massively condensed in an infinitely small point of space.

 The Black Hole is not a hole, it is just an ugly name affixed to it by its opponents, which then became well known. The               Black Hole is a spherical or donut-shaped formation in which physics, known nowadays is not valid.                                               The main feature of the black hole, that its gravity is so tremendous, that even light cannot leave either (that’s why it’s               called a “black” hole); any nearby matter are directed towards its accretion disk, and altering those atomic structure                  eventually absorbed through the black hole. It has a huge appetite, insatiable.

This causes that a Black Hole, larger than any black holes discovered so far, to condense and contain infinite amounts of matter from the Cosmos, using it’s inside singularity.                                                                                                         Inside this supermassive black hole could have been enough matter (or atomic particles thereof), being gathered for perhaps 10 billions of years, than oversaturated, omitting the transformation into a star, and  beyond its size and its own physics exploding by The Big Bang.                                                                                                                                                        Its material has been transformed according to the description of cooling and operation of the Big Bang, creating our initial Universe.                                                                                                                                                                                                    According the Creator’s will!

The Huge Black Hole, the singularity, had to be exploded in order to the Big Bang, a huge explosion, and a huge temperature, pressure, forming our Universe, its material and its known physics to be able to exist.

The Big Bang is still going on, the Universe is expanding, still there are a lot of starbursts, in many cases forming a ring-like shape, creating new materials known according to the Mendeleev table.                                                                                                 In fact, we know only the visible 5 percent of the Universe, but only in partially. Probably there are still plenty of boundless, exciting, unknown material and unknown physics waiting to be discovered and known. Though still we are very much students, being far-far away from knowing the infinite cosmos, but we must go forward.                                                                      I would like everyone to be driven by curiosity in research, not to let guarding jealously of knowledge, and our goal should be to disseminate its selfless publication! The Universe is yours, mine, everyone's.

The funnel-like shape of the Universe evolved after 8 billion years, then has flattened by developing peripherial edges, and by rotating around its axis, exudes centrifugal force on stars, galaxies, dusts and black holes inside, causing our Universe to expand more rapidly.

 “Supercooling and the operating Chronology of The Big Bang. 
10−43 seconds: the ten-dimensional universe splits into two parts: one with six dimensions, and one with four dimensions. The six-dimensional universe shrinks into the size of 10-32 cm-s, while the four-dimensional part starts to expand rapidly. The temperature is at 10-32 K.                                                                                                                                                                                     
10-35 seconds: the forces of the Grand Unification Theory (GUT) disperse; the strong interaction becomes distinct from the electroweak interaction. The SU(3) becomes distinct from the GUT symmetry. A small droplet begins an expansion at the rate of 10-50 called cosmic inflation, which leads to the creation of our Universe.                                                                              
10-9 seconds: the temperature drops to about 10-15 K, and the electroweak symmetry breaks into SU(2) and U(1).                
10-3 seconds: quarks begin to clump into neutrons and protons. The temperature rises to approximately 1014 K.                    
3 minutes: protons and neutrons are already forming into stable atomic nucleus. The energy of random collisions is not enough to break up the nucleus arisen. The Cosmos is still not transparent as the ions do not allow light to pass through.  
300 000 years: electrons begin to surround atomic nuclei. Atoms begin to evolve. As neutral atoms absorb or disperse photons to a much lower degree, the Universe becomes permeated by light. The Cosmos becomes dark.   

1 billion years: Appearance of the first quasars.   
3 billion years: Appearance of the first galaxies.         
8 billion years: Formation of the Solar System.
Several billion years later, the first forms of life appear on Earth.     
13-15 billion years: Our present days.”   
The aforementioned quote can be found in the book “Hyperspace” by Michio Kaku, p. 222-223.                                                    This description of astrophysics and Michio Kaku proofs the creation,                                                                                                
the Universe with the Big Bang  not from the emptiness has been created."

In order to prove the theory of The Big Bang, satellite Cobe was launched to record and transmit measurements of cosmic background radiation back to Earth, which were analyzed and corrected by scientists, taking into account the movements of Earth, its rotation within the Solar System, as well as the complicated motion of the Milky Way compared to nearby and distant galaxies. The outcome of this extremely thorough analysis confirms the assumptions of George Gamow with a statistical error of 0,1%. When the results were announced, nearly a thousand of scientists present gave a massive round of applause, thereby justifying too, of how The Big Bang occured.

WMAP image of cosmic background radiation anomalies 

The spectrum of cosmic background radiation recorded by FIRAS, a tool of Satellite COBE. This constitutes the most precise black body radiation measurement ever recorded. The rate statistical error is lower than the thickness of the line depicting the curve.

Measurement results: the map of the Universe recorded by Satellite Planck within the microwave background radiation range between 30 and 857 GHz. Source: ESA

“Will the Universe cease to exist”?

“The End of the Universe” is a popular theory in the scientific community; however, it is my opinion that astrologists and scientists sadly devote too much attention to this issue.                                                                                                                               
​I find it pointless to discuss the end of the Universe, as our Creator, God himself, has created the Universe to exist, not to cease existing. Way back, when the first steam locomotives were introduced, “scientists” predicted the end of the world; well, it’s true, steam locomotives are not longer in operation.                                                                                                                          Actually, the “scientists predicting the end of the Universe” have not set a date for the end of our Universe - they did not communicate the precise time thereof. I’m pretty sure they will produce a date in about billions of years from now, in order to keep their dignity.

Stars, galaxies and dusts, along with black holes, will not go through gradual cooling, or cease to existing in an expanding Universe; they will, according to divine laws as stated by Thomas Aquinas, quoted at the beginning of my study, being transformed and continue to exist, for all time.

Just like I have stated in my thesis on 03.09.2019, titled Affirmation, explanation and demonstration of the infinity of the Universe” .

Many scientists and physicists are really striving for a complete understanding and creating a summary formula of the Universe. e.g. Einstein.                                                                                                                                                                                    Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity determined the basics of macrophysics: but not the atomic, not the quantum physics; and the two theories could not be consolidated.                                                                                                                                               It seems likely that the only plausible explanation is offered by string theory.                                                                                        According to String Theory, a summary formula of the macro and microelements constituting our Universe, containing its physical characteristics, can be described, but has an extremely complex mathematics.                                                                               

  Pursuant to the string theory,                                                                                                                                                                         atoms can be further decomposed into strings vibrating at different frequencies, and these frequencies determine which       atoms-matters they will form. Unfortunately, these strings are so small in size that it seems unlikely for us to ever observe     them; therefore, the existence of strings cannot be proved in an empirical way, and we cannot analyze their parameters.         That’s why their existence is doubted by many scholars. On the other hand, this is the only possibility that would explain        macro and micro elements and the physics, as well as the summary formula of the Universe.

About the cessation of the expansion of the Universe

The expansion of the Universe is said to be caused by the scattering effect of dark energy, which makes up the missing 75 percent of the matter in the Universe, and being its gravity to such an extent, too.                                                                              By the way, dark energy is just a fictional name because astrophysicists have found no other explanation for the rapid expansion of the Universe, that’s why called “dark energy”.

About the repulsive force of accelerating the Universe I have stated already in my thesis titled “Dark Matter and Dark Energy ”, identified and explained as the centrifugal force.  The gravitational force decreases in inverse square with distance.                 

The centrifugal force resulting from the rotation around its central axis of the known Universe proves that it rotates and, moving outward from the center, causes an ever-faster, outward distancing of the objects in the Universe (similar to dark energy).

The Centrifugal force is arises, if e.g. we make a massive object rotating around ourselves with a cable.

Maintaining my well-founded opinion and explanation that current status is just an evolutionary phase of the Universe. Therefore a new equilibrium situation must occur, after which the Universe will be considered to stabilize in a ring state. The Universe will take a huge, “donut”-like flat-shaped form, in which central impact will be reduced, but the cohesive gravitational force of the objects in the Universe will prevail in a ring shape. Similar to small planets - asteroid belts orbiting around the Solar System. Our known Universe was created with the Big Bang. Many times entirely similar things could happen after stellar explosions, when ring-shaped formations come into being.  This process is not strange to known astrophysics.

 THE FUTURE OF THE UNIVERSE is the eternal change, not the annihilation, elimination!

 “In relation to the aforementioned topic, Alan Guth (MIT) stated that in the first moments of creation, the Universe experienced an explosively rapid expansion, compared to the sequence of the usual scenario of The Big Bang: he claims that the world seen through our telescopes is only a fraction of a much larger Universe, with the borders far beyond our horizon.”

However, a Multiverse theory has also been introduced, stating that our Universe is not the only one existing, there are many more, there can be an infinite number of Universes.

 According to recent news, NASA has discovered a matter from an alien Universe with a peculiar feature, namely that time goes backwards!?

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Ferenc Hollósi - August 17, 2020,  Budapest