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Background: in order to express my thoughts more clearly, I have used images of my own creation, but I have also found it necessary to use images and descriptions by the greats, I have always published the details of the creator of the image and description, so I thank the creators!

Nothing won’t be from nothing, so could not have been created the Universe!

It is a known fact in astrophysics that the Space is not empty. There are multiples of visible known or unknown matter in it, in different forms. This virtual matter, which has the mysterious property that several of this appear for very brief periods, and transforming they by interacting with each other, and then quickly disappearing again, not to be detected by the matter of the known Universe. If virtual matter appears, it can be examined, its physical characteristics can be found out, what virtual matter is, why it is playing with us, it appearing for a short time and then disappearing. In any case, it fills the space of the Cosmos, being empty for us, which is here around us, inside us.

In my opinion, virtual matter is a mystery, which may explain two other mysteries, the existence and components of dark matter and dark energy. Dark matter and dark energy are just a nice nickname for something we don't know, but its operation controls our whole Universe. Dark matter holds the Universe together with its gravitational pull. And dark energy is pushing the elements of the Universe apart by working against gravity, successfully.
The question arises, if there is such a vast amount of virtual matter in the Cosmos and around us, then getting toknow it might explain the composition of dark matter and dark energy. But it is also possible that it could explain the propagation of gravitational waves, what kind of matter and how it transmits gravitational waves. Could be the transmitter the graviton?

There are countless Universes in the infinite Cosmos, our Universe is one of many, these Universes being the part of an infinitely large atom, create matter! This matter, creation, continues many times over on an even larger and larger scale. This statement is a good explanation for the existence of infinite space!

The existence of innumerable Universes seems to be justified by the Panspermia theory explaining the origin of life on Earth, according to which life originated by meteorites from the infinite space, from the ubiquitous cells in it, and this of course also means that life can and does exist not only on the Earth, but in many places in the Cosmos, in innumerable Universes, and in the "Earths" in them!
These are confirmed by new research, observations, that in the known Universe there are, exist, dust clouds, which have been proven to contain complex compounds, conveysing life.
Only The Milky Way contains about 5 billion Earth-like planets, alone.
Another theory for the origin of life on Earth is that life originated on Earth. Many millions of years ago, in shallow coastal waters, so-called „primordial soup”, containing the compounds and the right temperature for life to form, life was created with the help of sun, and the basis of cells was the DNA, which have been reproducing and copying themselves in unchanged forms ever since.
But there are humans believing in CREATOR, that HE CREATED  LIFE.
All future events of the Universe, including the creation of the Earth and life, the birth of man, are determined and ordained by the „Big Bang”. It would be good to know the Creator's thought about the future of man!

The Universe was created with a perfection that refers to high intelligence and with such a precision that refers to intentionality.
It is not possible that our existence is the work of chance, not because everything is determined, predetermined, predestined from the beginning.

The opinion of the famous scientist and philosopher St Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274) on the creation of the world:

"Things are in motion, therefore there is a first mover
'Things have a cause, therefore there is an initial cause
Things exist, therefore there is a creator
Perfect goodness exists, therefore there is a source of it
Things seem to have a plan, therefore they serve a purpose."

A true picture of destiny is foreshadowed, the saying is absolutely true today.
With a slight variation, the special atoms and substances that made life and man possible were created from the dust of countless stellar explosions.
So we were born from stars. After we are gone, the atoms that remain from our dust, joined to other life-creating atoms, form and create new life. This is how the great cycle of continual birth and death is accomplished.

Virtual particles - quantum matter

A key concept in field theories is the assumption of virtual particles (oscillators). Virtuality is the separation of the direct and indirect levels in the interpretation of observations. When observing an actual change or a particle, we talk about real electrons or photons, but there are particles and photons that cannot be seen directly, but their formation and disappearance constitute the electromagnetic field.
The very notion of an oscillator is virtual, because oscillation is a state of repetitiv or periodic variation, but this cannot be observed during the experiment, but it provides a good basis for building the theory. Quantum electrodynamics does not talk about what oscillates. It goes further than that.

String theory and superstring theory and its many variants moves oscillation outside the usual three dimensions, assuming additional space dimensions.

Further than this, Universe is just a HOLOGRAM by a new theory, which string theory would prove, and accordingly Universe exists not in space, but in a plane. String Theory claims this, and even that it is the only way to merge quantum physics with the physics of the early Universe. Wouldn't that be nice!?

The quantum matter - virtual particles exist everywhere in the cosmos, but they can be found particularly where there is actually vacuum, and significant it is, because according our previous idea there could be no matter. Visible matter made up the Universe, stars and spiral galaxies exists in web-like threads around the vacuum patches. Yes, but if these particles appear in the void of the Cosmos, and then disappear, they must have been existed before the Big Bang!
This also confirms what existed before the Big Bang. Because from nothing becomes nothing!


The important role and the existence of it is proven in the definition of the present and the future!
For example: if a virtual electron (which has mass) is collided with an electron of known matter (which has no mass), an antimatter electron is created (and has mass)!? So there is a connection.
The electrons of Virtual and Known matter create Antimatter, but there is no explosion and no energy is created. We do not know 95% of the Universe! What an opportunity it would be to use it to our advantage, to tame it, to harness it.
I feel more and more that the subject of Virtual and Quantum Matter still holds a lot for me.

I have ideas:

If the electrons of Virtual and Known Matter can create an antielectron, perhaps it is also possible that the atoms of Virtual and Known Matter can combine to create Antimatter.
It is known that when Antimatter and Known Matter meet, they combine in an explosion to form a high energy.
This high energy would be able to accelerate spaceships, and or other energy demanding power plants, factories. To the best of my knowledge, when Antimatter and Known Matter combine, pure energy is created, no harmful radiation.

What happened before the "Big Bang"?

The question of what existed before the Big Bang is meaningless, because all matter existed before, because matter does not cease to exist, only transforming, and will continue to exist, constantly transforming.
The cosmos is not empty space, it is vast energy - quantum waves and plasma state matter and concentrations exist.
The Big Bang could have come about from the concentration of these, and the presence of plasma and virtual matter.
Under special circumstances, energy was also converted into matter
according to the Einstein formula E = m x c².

At the time the matter of the Big Bang's formation is strikingly similar, in many respects identical, to that of a black hole. I think it is possible that the matter of our Universe, before its birth, was created as a Giant Black Hole, concentrated in it, forming a singularity, attracting matter from the Cosmos with its enormous gravitational pull.
And Big Bang came out of that!

The creation! (generation?)

The first, small object was created by the cosmos forming clumps of energy fluently, which grew by attracting each other, and from this by moving that matter thump into a growing cloud of matter.
And according to the formula E=m x c2, matter could be created from energy, too.
The Quantum Virtual Phenomenon also proves the existence of matter, in such a way that with a Virtual, Quantum Phenomenon, matter exists in a particular place, then disappears and reappears and exists again.
Matter exists in the empty part of the Cosmos, in the vacuum, too.
There is matter everywhere in the Cosmos!
The condensation of matter continued, its interior later solidified as it became denser, and the solid core had got an increasing gravity, too. The process continued to evolve as the small object moved through the cosmos, by attracting more and more matter with its mass, and its gravity, achiving to transform into a Black Hole.
The Black Hole was created, with a singularity in the middle!

This process took an extremely long time.
When the giant star falls into itself, the spacetime is altered by gravity, bending time and space to such an extent that spacetime is curved on itself. This creates the black hole, which is not black, even it has light, but its light is confined by its own gravity, the Black Hole. The self-contained gravity has such a gravitational force that the atoms inside shrink to a fraction of their size. This giant black hole exploded with the Big Bang and from this the known Universe had become. A black hole can also be created when a death of a giant star like the size of the Sun causing a gravitational contraction, creating a black hole that contains all the atoms of the giant star and can shrink to a size smaller than the Earth.
We do not know the origin of virtual quantum matter, but its existence predates the Big Bang, and indeed is a major contributor to its creation.
I believe that the known Universe, as well as the yet unknown Universes, rotate and move in the cosmos. We cannot verify this by measurement yet today, as we do not see another universe.

If this happens, space physics will change, since we will be able to prove that the universe is rotating and that it is moving relatively to the other universes, standing not statically in the cosmos.
In the cosmos, events and changes are extremely slow compared to our time. So it is not possible to know simply that something is there and is stationary or moving in relation to it. Not, because in the infinite space and space of the cosmos there is no way to compare whether there is motion or not. There is no way of knowing whether a given object was there, is there, or will be there! To prove motion in space, at least three objects would have to be seen by instruments.
In my opinion, our known Universe is expanding at high speed.
Physicists predict that it will simply disperse through the cosmos over an extremely long period of time. Or the expansion will stop and the Universe will shrink and then explode again with a big bang. But then could happen that the components won’t be the same as the matter of today, but that will be consisting of antimatter and antiatoms.

I think we also have to talk about the creation of life.

In the Solar system, the Earth was created 4 billion years ago. The first signs of life are 3.8 billion years old, when the first carbon-based giant molecules were created. Earth's very first living organisms, the stromatolites, being shivered biochemical accretionary structures, living in shallow water by trapping the water, in rock-sized formations, for more 3 billion years ago.
But organic molecules still exist in the Solar system even today. The most important part of life is water, which exists on Earth and on the moons of Mars and Jupiter.
​And countless comets also contain water ice. It could be, that water was brought to Earth by Meteors and comets and even life could have been brought here. The M42 Orion nebula contains enough water to fill the oceans in 20 minutes, and is full of organic matter, in which forming stars, with planets around them.
The first moving creatures, single-celled organisms, have been around for 1 billion years.
Prehistoric man is about 1.5 million years old. Modern man is about 50,000 years old.

Einstein was right, and so were Breit and Wheeler.
Instead of colliding particles of light, two gold atoms, or ions, stripped of their electrons, were accelerated to 99.995% of the speed of light. The ions accelerate in a circular orbit against each other, creating an electromagnetic field in which so-called virtual photons appear and disappear.
Virtual particles are called those particles that jump "in and out" of existence in the fields between real particles for very short periods of time.
Virtual photons move with the ion like a cloud- explains Zhangbu Xu, the Brookhaven Lab physicist.
The virtual photons existing very short life (which have mass compared to real photons) around ions passing close to each other, colliding at the right moment create very real electrons and positrons, particles of matter and antimatter.
The researchers just had to prove that the resulting particles actually were the result of the Breit-Wheeler process. For that they had to prove that the virtual photons behaved like real photons. They analysed the scattering angles of the resulting particles from more than 6,000 collisions - because they matched to the angles of particles formed in a real collision - and confirmed that a real interaction had taken place.
Nevertheless, the virtual photons were virtual, so there may be still doubtful whether the Breit-Wheeler process actually occurred in the accelerator. For the super-powerful lasers that needed to the light collision certainly creating real matter we have to wait a little bit longer.

Double refraction

During an experiment creating the material, Zhangbu Xu 's colleagues observed another phenomenon: birefringence. The theoretical basis for this phenomenon was described by Werner Heisenberg and Hans Heinrich Euler in 1936 and by John Toll in the 1950s. The idea is that a sufficiently strong magnetic field in a vacuum can deflect and split light into polarised beams.
So far, polarisation-dependent refraction has only been observed in crystals, and according to recent results in the light of a neutron star.
In everyday life, sunglasses with polarised lenses let through only photons with the right angle and absorb the rest - the absorption of light is evidenced by rising the temperature of the sunglasses. In the particle accelerator the absorption of light energy created the electron-positron pairs. But the measurements showed the absorption depended on polarisation near the ions, which is why the researchers 
the virtual photons were birefringent in the magnetic field of the ions, that the first time had been observed experimentally anywhere in the world.

Today, we can boldly say what has happened in the Universe!
Today's Science can be tomorrow's mistake!
It is also a fact that the speed of light is 300000 km/sec, and gravity spreads at the same speed, and these are the basis of our perceptions. Yes, but NOWDAYS we are observing and studying only the distant past, and our instruments can detect up to 13.5 billion light years. And it is not impossible that the object we are studying has changed completely, but it can be possible that the object we are studying no longer exists already.

I do not consider to be acceptable the measurements in the Universe with the speed of light, because the light from the object under investigation does not arrive in a straight line to the instrument performing the test. Light cannot go in a straight line because during over billions of years in countless cases each of the various objects, near by it passed bent towards itself the path of light by the gravitational pull (e.g. gravitational lens, Einstein cross). Therefore, the datas with light distance measurements are uncertain, not valid in the Universe, they cannot be the same distance as if we were looking straight at it.
The redshift distance measurement data should also be revised.
The gravitational redshift (also known as Einstein shift) follows from Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity. According to this theory, the frequency of light from the gravitational field of a massive body becomes lower, red-shifted, and moves away faster.
Consequently, one should investigate, if not otherwise possible, by imagine what happens to annihilated spiral galaxies, stars, nebulae, black holes with special physics.
In particular, I would be interested in where their matter disappears to.
Although I understand that matter and information is not lost, just transformed.
It could be transformed, but what would it become and where could be found, it must be stored somewhere if it won’t be lost.


From the above, I believe that the matter of celestial objects that have been destroyed for us is continuously stored in the Cosmos, even indefinitely, until the Creator creates a new Universe from this matter, and then the miracle of "from nothing to SOMETHING" is performed, in the way I have already described, to create the new Universe. As I’ve written in my work:
"The Universe won’t cease to exist! - What happened before the Big Bang?"


It is also possible that the new Universe could be made of matter and with its physics we know, but it is not impossible that the new Universe could be made of antimatter and work with the physics of antimatter.
There is no matter in the quantum vacuum, but the Heisenberg's indeterminacy relation allows for short-lived particle-antiparticle pairs could be there.
Moreover, it is not inconceivable that some mysterious atoms unknown to us could be created, and thus unknown matter could be conceivable. In the cosmos, they are unknown but possibly infinite numbers of universes and stars can be.
​By the extinction of the cosmic objects there must be stored vast amounts of matter and information, the atomic and material composition of which is unknown. The appearance ofVirtual Matter in the Cosmos, in our world suggests that the matter and atoms that make up our Universe must be found in it. The interesting thing is that the matter of the Virtual Quantum Phenomenon appears for a very short time and then disappears just as quickly, which is not only an indication of its existence. It is some kind of signal, it is not trying to play games with us. I think this phenomenon is also an indication of how small proportion is represented our Universe in the vast quantity of matter of Cosmos.

Black-hole in Sagittarius-A

Black holes 
there are also small ones, big ones, supermassive ones, and they live too, they merge and they can disappear,
if not from other sources then by the loss of matter from Hawking radiation, but supposedly scientists say that information cannot be lost, if this were true, I hope it is, then the Cosmos must also store information, but about this possibility could be, should be written in an encyclopedia.

The new realisation of gravity - in my view
The force of gravity holds the Universe together, the most important element of the operation of the universe in all respects and the basis of our measurements.
Gravity's effect is infinite in time, but its effect decreases squarely.
It is possible that gravity is a form of virtual quantum matter.
So it could be known that
the mediating matter of gravity is the virtual quantum matter in the Cosmos, and thus can be realized that gravity also spreads at speed of light.
The matter in the Cosmos in empty vacuum space can be extremely diverse, but behaving as if they were tightly connected balls in space. This is how, for example, they can transmit gravitational waves at the speed of light. Similarly to the way electrical energy spreads in current conductors.
Gravitational waves from the collision of two dead stars, or neutron stars, have been detected by researchers using detectors at the US Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and its Italian counterpart (VIRGO).

It was the first time that the phenomenon was observed in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The cosmic phenomenon was detected on 17 August, 2017. Harvard University astronomer Edo Berger explained that the properties of visible and infrared light led them to conclude that the mass of heavy elements produced by the fusion of neutron stars is 16,000 times the total mass of the Earth. From these, the mass of gold and platinum have a mass 10 times that of the Earth. The gold and platinum can be found in the Universe are formed by such mergers. The eruption took place in the constellation Hydra 130 million years ago, during the time of the dinosaurs, but its light and the gravitational waves it generated have only just reached the Earth.
In my work on gravity, I write that the matter mediating the spread of gravity is equivalent to Virtual Quantum Matter, and I have no reason to doubt it.

The existence and many different ingredients of virtual quantum matter  exactly realizes what we have believed to be the so-called dark matter, i.e.
 it holds the spiral galaxy together by its gravity, since it is proven that the gravity of stars and nebulaes wouldn’t have enough gravity to hold them together and rotate together as one at the same speed.  We cannot determine the composition of the virtual matter, for that we would have to isolate, know and analyse the composition of the matter of the Cosmos one by one, and it is made up of an extremely large number of components, but it could also be the axion particle that makes up the dark matter.

This is an illustration of the rotation of a galaxy. the orbital velocity is constant regardless of the distance from the center, suggesting the presence of dark matter in the halo

For all we know, its effect is quite the opposite to the cohesive attraction of gravity.
It pushes apart with an increasing speed the universe, of which it constitutes 65 percent.
According to the scientists it could be, that with the increasing distance gravity's cohesive force may be turning into a repulsive force. I don't think this idea is justified.

A better explanation is that Universe has been dominated by the cohesive force of gravity for 8 billion years. As the Universe rotated on its own axis, it slowly expanded from its funnel shape and now rotates in a plane form. Due to the rotation of the Universe, the cenrifugal force from the rotation of matter, spiral galaxies, nebulaes, stars, black holes in it cause the Universe’s expand in a nearly flat shape.

The transformation of the Universe into a funnel and then into a plane form has resulted decreasing its gravity, as the objects made up the Universe have moved further and further away from the axis of rotation, so that the gravitational force holding them together, although being infinite, decreases in inverse square proportion to the distance!
In fact, it may be that the Universe's transformation from a funnel to a plane form was also caused by the decreasing gravitational force. But I think this process won’t go on to infinity, to annihilation.

The Universe will be fixed in equilibrium in a doughnut shape when the centrifugal force and the gravitational forces of the objects that make up the Universe acting on each other combine to balance with the centrifugal force, creating the doughnut shape of the Universe.

The rotating doughnut shape of the Universe can be created in this way, as the centrifugal force from the rotation acts on the objects within, the objects become denser at the outer edge of the rotation, so that their own gravity is accumulated, but the centrifugal force acts at a decreasing rate as moving away from the centre, until quite a state of equilibrium is reached between the centrifugal force and the gravity of all the objects made up the Universe.

The Big Bang

CP symmetry

CP symmetry is a possible explanation for why there is more matter than antimatter in the Universe. One of the unresolved theoretical questions in physics is why the universe is composed mostly of matter rather than equal amounts of matter and antimatter.The observed matter-antimatter ratio could have been created by the CP violation of a few seconds after the Big Bang, meaning that if matter and antimatter had been created in equal amounts, they would have destroyed each other when they met, and the current universe would not have been created.
The existence of axions has been predicted by string theory models that span the gap between quantum mechanics and general relativity. Nothing proves better that they are indeed true polyhysteretic particles is that with their discovery would be completed the theoretical criteria for dark matter, or more precisely, that one forms of the axions could be dark matter that holds galaxies together!
Such particles can be created inside stars (if they exist), and can decay into photon pairs in the presence of an electromagnetic field, and then can be detected as multiple emission. In this case of this hypothetical detection under consideration, for example as X-rays. At the South Pole, huge instruments are used to detect axions from Sagittarius-A in the middle of the Milky Way. This is the electron of antimatter! So it follows that there is antimatter in Sagittarius-A.

Particle zoo: quarks are born

Two particle physicists at the California Institute of Technology in the United States and across the Atlantic-ocean at CERN in Switzerland have published two independent papers on the same topic. Both are about how to make sense of the huge number of new particles discovered over the past two decades. Maybe it should not be hidden but published.
Many physicists have struggled to accept that so many elementary particles could exist in the universe, in a system known as the particle zoo. George Zweig (Caltech) and Murray Gell-Mann (CERN) came up with the same solution.
What about, if these different particles were actually made of smaller, unknown building blocks, just as the hundreds of elements in the periodic table are made of protons, neutrons and electrons?
Zweig called these building blocks aces, while Gell-Mann chose the term we still use today: quarks.

Pack of quarks

Now we know that there are six different types of quark - up, down, charm, strange, top and bottom. These particles have also corresponding antimatter counterparts with opposite charges, which can combine according to simple rules based on symmetry. A particle made of a quark and an antiquark is called a meson, while three quarks bound together form a baryon. The known protons and neutrons that make up the nucleus are good examples of baryons.
This classification scheme nicely described the particle zoo of the 1960s. However, Gell-Mann realised in his original study that other combinations of quarks were possible. For example, two quarks and two antikvarks could combine together to form a "tetraquark", while four quarks and one antikvark could form a "pentakvark".

Exotic particles

Fast-forward to 2003, when a new meson called X (3872) was observed in the Belle experiment at the KEK laboratory in Japan, which was quite different from normal mesons with its "exotic" properties.
In the years that followed, a number of new exotic particles were discovered, and physicists realised that most of these particles could be explained successfully if they were described as tetraquarks of four quarks instead of two. Then, in 2015, the LHCb experiment at CERN discovered the first pentaquark particles made of five quarks.

A new resident in the particle animal with a cern physicist

All of the tetraquarks and pentaquarks discovered so far contain two charm quarks, which are relatively heavy, and two or three light quarks: up, down or strange. This particular configuration is the easiest to detect in experiments.

But the latest tetraquark discovered by LHCb, named X(6900), consists of four charm quarks. The new tetraquark, created during high-energy proton collisions in the Large Hadron Collider, called J/psi mesons - composed of a charm quark and a charm antiquark-
was observed while decaying into well-known particle pairs.
This makes the particle particularly interesting, as being composed not only entirely heavy quarks, but also of four quarks of the same type, making it a unique example for understanding how quarks are connected.

Similarly different rules
Currently, two different models explain how quarks can bond:
strong bonding results a "compact tetraquark",
but when quarks are arranged to form two mesons that are loosely bound together in
a "meson molecule".
Conventional molecules are made up of atoms linked together by the electromagnetic force acting between positively charged nuclei and negatively charged electrons. However, quarks in a meson or baryon are linked together via another force, the strong interaction.
It is an extremely exciting phenomenon that atoms and quarks, although following completely different rules, can form very similar complex objects.

LHC-Large Hadron

The largest molecule ever discovered has been discovered in a planetary disk (by Joseph Kovacs - 03.08.2022.)
Using the Chilean ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) antenna system, a team from Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands has detected dimethyl ether in a protoplanetary disk for the first time. With its nine atoms this is the largest molecule ever identified in such a disc. It is also a precursor to even larger organic molecules that could lead to the emergence of life. „The result help us to understand the origin of life on our planet more thoroughly.

The image captured with the ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) antenna system shows the dust trap in the Oph-IRS 48 orbiting disk. This provides a safe haven for tiny dust particles that can grow clumped together and survive harsh conditions. The green area is the dust trap, where the larger particles have gathered. In the upper left corner, the orbit of Neptune is shown as a scale. (ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/Nienke van der Marel)

Images taken with the ALMA antenna system show the different molecules that in which parts of the disc around IRS 48 are located. Recent observations have revealed traces of several complex organic molecules in this region, such as formaldehyde (H2CO, orange), methanol (CH3OH, green) and dimethyl ether (CH3OCH3, blue), the latter being the largest molecule detected in a planetary disk so far. The emission signal indicating the presence of this molecule is clearly stronger in the dust trap of the disk, while carbon monoxide (CO, magenta) is presented throughout the disk. The position of the central star is marked by an asterisk in all four images. The size of the dust trap is about the same as that of the methanol emission in the lower left corner of the image (ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/A. Pohl, van der Marel et al., Brunken et al.)
„What makes it all particularly exciting is that we know already that these larger organic molecules could be the building blocks for the formation of planets in the disk”- explains Booth. „We had no information about this until now, as the molecules were hidden frozen in ice.”

The previous four images "stitched" into a single image (ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/A. Pohl, van der Marel et al., Brunken et al.) Studying their formation and evolution could help researchers to better understanding what prebiotic molecules eventually turn into on planets, including our own planet. (Nienke van der Marel, Leiden Observatory.)

Time will come when humans will be able to use such advanced tools that we cannot even imagine today. But it will take time, and we can guess already how much time do we need.
The Kardashev Scale, created by Nikolai Kardashev in 1967, defines the development of a civilisation in two ways: technological development and energy production. The second is in fact the basic gondition of the first, since the more energy we have, the faster we can develop.
The human race still requires about 350 years to become a so-called Type 1 civilisation, and thus harnessing the full power of the central star, of the Sun on Earth.
Experts are investigating when humanity might become much more advanced.
The Kardashev Scale is a measure for the technological sophistication of civilisations.
The scale ranks various civilizations on a theoretical level:
Type 1 is the one that controls all the resources of its planet,
Type 2, the one that has all the resources of its star and planetary system,
and type 3 controls the resources of its galaxy.
At that time, decades earlier, he had estimated that humanity might be at 0.73 on the scale.
Some scientists believe that Type 3 civilisations already may be existing in space.
​For example, a team of researchers of the Leiden University is searching for infrared signals in the cosmos. They could identify so-called Dyson spheres, which according to the assumptions can harness the energy of stars.

The Dyson Sphere

is the theory that intelligent beings build a sphere around a star that absorbs all its radiated energy, thus producing huge amounts of energy. The term was created by the American physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson in 1960.
It is an extremely fantastic idea, one of the most long-standing questions of humanity, the realisation of eternal life, i.e. resurrection or the concept of coming back to life after death, in a number of religions, a dying-and-rising. 
To realise this idea, a new theory suggests that we need 'only' two ingredients:
the aforementioned sphere and a super intelligent AI.
The latter, of course, will need a lot of power - that is where the Dyson Sphere comes in.
The AI will then use its massive computing power to gather as much historical and personal data as possible about each person, and use it to create our digital, virtual copy of us.

I don't want to take part in this program, data collection is already going on everywhere, after that it would be just a step to produce identical soldiers.

Budapest, 05.21.2022.

​Ferenc Hollosi