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Background: in order to express my thoughts more clearly, I have used images of my own creation, but I have also found necessary to use images and descriptions from the "greats", publishing always the details about the creator of the image and description, for which thanks the creators!

Humanity can be divided into two large groups, religious and non-religious. Even within these, religious groups such as Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, and many other religions can be distinguished, and it’s good, that people want to belong to a community where good things could be learned.
I’ve thought myself being not religious for a long time, because I did not believe in the existence of God. God is within us, in our mind and in our soul. The Creator Implementer is an infinite entity who created our Universe, its matter, and the laws and physics of its operation.
As the years went by, I read more and more, and incorporating the knowledge thus acquired, I became more and more curious. By educating myself consciously, understanding more and more, I got that level where my thinking completely has changed. I was able to understand scientific concepts and results, too, created and formulated by the greatest researchers and scientists in the field of Physics and Astrophysics. I wonder myself how I got to this scientific level.
But the more I understand and know, the more curious I become.
Einstein wrote of himself as. „He is a simple man, just extremely curious."
I don't think myself having Einstein's knowledge, but the extremely curious level I have reached, too. And maybe a little more, than that. On my website "" I have published astronomical and astrophysical studies, which correctly show how far I have progressed in my development. My studies published in Hungarian and English are constantly read by those interested in.
I've come a long way in the world of astrophysical science, and the "Greats", Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg... made me to believe only in facts. That is how I came to the conclusion that there was and there is definitely a CREATOR who created the known Universe in a pre-designed way, but could be possible being created more than one Universe. I imagine the rest of my life as the work of the Creator. Based on this I move forward in the world of science by referring only to the facts.
Coming to new scientific conclusions based on new ideas and scientific facts that I, myself, have learned in the meantime, and if they stand up to the test of the facts, I publish them, for example in this study, "The Creator".

The existence and creation of the Creator

According to quantum physics, there is virtual reality in the Universe with a vast amount of virtual matter existing in, havingthought to be an empty space. Often happen, that real matter appears out of virtual reality, interacts with other kinds of virtual matter appearing at the same time, and then disappears again. Consequently, the Universe is full of matter that have life of their own. 
Such as virtual but omnipresent cinsider I the existence of the Creator. 
The Creator also had to be created. It could have come into existence by the vast knowledge, information and creative power present in the Universe, and in other Universes already strongly presumed, being summed up by thought emanation in the CREATOR! This is His creation, He came into being also by evolution and continues to evolve.
This creative power and knowledge is increasing only as the higher knowledge, science, information and technology in the universes increase. It is a known fact that the atoms and molecules made up our Universe since the Big Bang are in an everlasting relationship with each other (e.g., how the gravity wave can travel). The information and knowledge of that all is summed in the existence and creative power of the Creator.
Creation has not stopped and never will! 
I claim, the existence of the Creator is infinite, the knowledge, the thought energy of conscious beings existing anywhere on Earth or in the Universe enhances the further existence of the Creator, and thus the Creator becomes a consciousness of infinite magnitude. 
The Creator is not a person, and certainly not similar to human beings. He has such a high knowledge to which humans, scientists, knowledge cannot be compared. The Creator with his incredibly high knowledge, his creative power is able to create universes, to create the materials in them, and to realize the physics that makes materials to work. He was able to create coscious thinking beings on the dedicated planet, the Earth.
Able to create the life, called the mankind, who is always curious and want to approach the knowledge of the Creator!
I do not think impossible that within 4 billion years, before the Sun disappears along with the Earth, the humans that exist at that time will approach the knowledge of the Creator, thus creating a new, different form of life on a new planet.

What scientific facts prove the existence of a Creator?!
Below do I list my physical arguments that prove the existence of the Creator. The arguments could fill an encyclopedia, but I did not want to make such a long argument.

The Big Bang
It didn't come out of nowhere, there were precedents, which I published in my dissertation
"The Universe won’t cease to exist! - What happened beforere the Big Bang?"

Matter was needed to create the Universe, for which atoms were needed, so the beginning of matter was created with the Big Bang. All the atoms were created at the same moment, in my body there are countless atoms from the explosion of different stars, so we are "related" to my reader and others. After the Big Bang, the physics of the Universe was launched as planned.

The quark-gluon plasma
First, a large plasma was created that contained everything that atoms could become a reality 300,000 years after the Big Bang. Then the protons and neutrons formed from the plasma were combined, which protons and neutrons able to transform, one into the other and back again. They formed the first atom, combined with the electrons being created in the meantime, the hydrogen atom, which makes the 85% of the Universe still today.

The atoms

1. Photograph of a single atom    29.09.2010 Origo (Photo:IBM)         
​2. The image also shows the length of each atomic bond.       
​The lighter and darker spots indicate the electron density 

All matter in the known Universe is made of atoms!
The nucleus was discovered by Rutherford in 1911. The nucleus is not a closed ball with a shell, but its density slowly decreases towards the edge. In the nucleus there are an equal number of protons and neutrons, and according to their number, there are electron orbits with electrons on them, in such a way that they are existing everywhere at the same time in their orbits. These determine the chemical interactions later that occur.
​To keep the proton and neutron together, mesons were needed.

Neve Jele Relatív tömege Relatív töltése
Proton p+ 1 1
Neutron n0 1 0
Elektron e- 1/1840 -1

Where do the interacting particles, the mesons, come from?
Simply from nothing, so in accordance with the uncertainty principle, we get something for nothing. 
By detecting the echoes of the Big Bang, i.e. detecting photons from the cosmic background radiation, maybe we do create the Big Bang, and by this the whole Universe. If Wheeler is right, then perhaps Feynman is right, as he has thought when he declared that the "two-slit experiment" contains the only real mystery.

Diagram of a two-slit experiment                  Magnetic field of a single titanium atom (Observatory 11.07.2019)

In the world of atoms, there are mysterious quantum effects and the two-slit experiment is valid, with which we can see the electron as a wave, but when we look at the experimental instrument with our eyebeam, we see the electron as matter, i.e. the function collapses. What we don't know is, if we turn away, when we do the two slit experiment, what happen to the photons behind us. 
​Though there are certainly events, as

Atoms require the presence of protons and neutrons, but they have the same positive charge, they are held together by the nuclear force, which is how the nucleus can stay together under the action of mesons. These were experimented and proved by Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg.
Our brilliant scientists do not create the Universe, they just help us understand how it works!
The shape of the nucleus is typically spherical, the most optimal shape in physics.  The world of atoms has expanded by fusing together, e.g. from hydrogen became into helium, and in the resulting cloud of matter, new giant stars were formed by eddies and clumps, and in the middle of these stars the nuclear fusion reactor has started up, which has created new atomic structures and new substances by further atomic fusions. These giant stars reached the end of their lives (in a few hundred thousand years?) and exploded, scattering the new matter and atoms that had been created in the meantime.

Formation of galaxies
From this scattered cloud of matter, new stars were formed, which clustered together by gravitational attraction and formed galaxies.

The endless process of star formation
Star formation did not end with the Big Bang; new stars are still being born today, undergoing nuclear fusion, creating new matter and exploding, spreading that in the Universe. This process being repeated many times, made it possible, i.g., that the material, atoms and molecules that make up the bodies of living creatures and the human beings on the Earth to be created.

Star formation in the M-42 nebula, 
instrument: Meade lx 200, optics diameter 355mm, focus: 3555mm, exposure: 300sec, ISO 1600,
​Made by Ferenc Hollósi 2021-10-03

The strong nuclear nuclear force in the atoms, (the material of nuclear weapons)
if it was only four percent more, then after the Big Bang the Hydrogen would have burned up and turned into Helium, then the makind and life could not have come into existence.

If the strong interaction were reduced by 10 percent, then the elements heavier than hydrogen could not be created.

The conversion of Hydrogen to Helium is essential for life to form, but only 7 thousandths of it can be converted into energy, a variation of tens of thousands of times would run out of Hydrogen, and life could not have been created on Earth.

Carbon is an absolutely necessary condition for life to come into being.
Carbon is formed by radioactive Beryllium fusing with Helium nucleus, but Beryllium has a lifetime of two and a half millionths of a second, so the collision energy of Helium and Beryllium must be the same to produce Carbon.

Inside the stars, fusion reactors produce enormous heat, and the carbon has to be able to withstand this heat, and these conditions exist.

When two nickel nuclei collide at 85% of the speed of light, many particles fly apart and completely new, unknown particles are created. Such an experiment helps to understand the supernova explosion.

This also proves the high level of the Creator's thinking and physics, which are complex for us. When we believe that we have understood the mind of the Creator, because we have discovered and solved something in astrophysics, with the new knowledge new questions arise and are waiting to be solved! For example, the dark energy of dark matter.

A million-year-old shell print and a footprint next to it. 1cb093d357f0/1/8/b/Large/K0189.jpg

The Earth's core contains liquid iron and nickel, which has created a magnetic field around the Earth, this magnetic field protects the Earth from the harmful effects of solar radiation and other harmful radiation.

If the Earth were 5 percent closer to the Sun or 15 percent further away from the Sun, life on Earth would not have been able to develop. Because if the Earth were closer to the Sun, it would have been hot, and if it were further away, it would have been cold.

The creation of the Moon changed the tilt angle of the Earth's axis of rotation to just the right angle. This is how seasons and pleasant climate have developed ont he Earth, allowing life to evolve.

The Moon was created long before life on Earth, as evidenced by the fact that the female cycle is almost identical to the lunar cycle. The difference may also be due to the Moon moving away from Earth by 2-3 centimetres per year.

The Anthropic (human) Principle states that the Earth was created for human life. The great physicist Stephen Hawking agreed with this anthropic principle.

The Universe was designed to have Life in it!
The special physical, atomic and many other closely interrelated conditions listed so far were not created by chance, they were waiting for life to come, that's why they were created.

The Universe, the Milky Way, the Solar System with the planets, including the Earth with its special features, was created by the Creator with a consciously designed purpose, creating by him the future life for man with the particular precision execution described above.

The Earth itself is a Life, with a metallic core surrounded by liquid metal, which create the Earth's magnetic field together, which protects life on Earth from the sun and harmful radiation from outer space.
About one-third of its surface is made up of continents, two-thirds is saltwater ocean. The sun causes the ocean to evaporate, forming clouds, and from these clouds rain falls, which is not salty.
This rain feeds plants, animals and humans. Unfortunately, sometimes the rains form floods with terrible storms. Scientists attribute these flash floods to the human-induced rise in the Earth's surface temperature.
The energy of the resulting huge storms and rains is equivalent to the energy of several atomic bomb explosions. Earthquakes are not uncommon either, wreaking havoc with tremendous force, but perhaps even worse is the eruption of a volcano, which sweeps everything away with the hot magma that erupts from the volcano.
There are long currents in the oceans, such as the warm Gulf Stream, which originates in the Gulf of Mexico and determines the weather in Britain.

In short, the Earth is alive!
The Earth is gaining 2.5 tonnes of mass every day from the micro-meteors that come and fall from space.
Two-thirds of the Earth's outer surface is ocean, and its water is salty There are around 200,000 species of living organisms in it. The water in the oceans is formed by ice and meteorites with high water content from outer space. It was not created on Earth. The amount of water is just enough by evaporating to create clouds, from which clouds distilled water fall down and feeds the vegetation on the lands. This water nourishes living beings, once it has seeped through the earth's crust and become drinkable, enriched with minerals, so that we humans consume it too.
It should be mentioned here that, as the above shows, the Earth is a living organism that is constantly changing. It has a partner, the Moon, with which it lives in symbiosis. This functioning made it possible the creation of living beings, their evolution, and the functioning of mankind by creating many new rules.
As I have already written, there are about 200,000 species of life in the oceans. They form a completely separate world of life on Earth and help the nutrition of humanity. However, in this habitat, fierce wolf laws prevail, and the strongest wins, devouring the smaller.

The Earth has existed for about 4 billion years, which is a terribly long time for us, but I see the Creator as having to wait for a different scale of time, until certain atomic energetic chemical physical processes necessary for life had taken place in a planned way, so that the conditions for life on Earth could be created.
On Earth, life was created with a special cellular component with a DNA double helix, capable of nourishment and self-replication. This DNA has been fully understood and capable to modify by scientists. Using known chemicals to model the heat, water and lightning that Earth's DNA generated, but to date no DNA has been produced, despite the most brilliant scientists experimenting in the best equipped laboratories to produce it.
Mankind has not yet reached the knowledge of what the Creator is capable of, to create new life, to create life forms, DNA. But progress does not stop!
Evolution has developed life through a lot of wrong experiments.

There are two main directions, flora and fauna came into being and evolved over many millions of years.

The plant world today produces seed and in that small seed exists all the characteristics of the plant, its colour, the number of its leaves, its shape, the branches that hold its leaves, the size of the trunk that holds it up to the wind and rain, the height of the plant, and the characteristic of knowing the change of seasons and producing a seed to match it, flying it far away, reproducing itself again and again and rebirthing itself. Plants are sensitive to light and water, if it is too much or less, sensing sound, the magnetic fields, the cardinal directions, meanwhile, plants are also affected by disease, the decline that comes with old age.

The fauna that came into being with the first cells. The first cell on Earth arose from the primordial soup in a way that created the physical, chemical, thermal conditions that gave rise to the first DNA, the basis of life in the animal kingdom. Each cell in the animal kingdom, and in humans, contains DNA, which reproduces itself over millions of years and is the main component of cells in reproduction.
My problem is that animal genetics owes a debt to what happened after the first cells were formed, for a long time, for hundreds of millions of years, until the giant saurians came into being. The reality is that saurous have fossilized bones and other remains. And these huge animals were wiped out by the impact of a giant meteor all over the Earth. Scientists believe that only small animals that lived in the ground survived. This assumes that evolution from this point onwards gave rise to a very diverse, multi-species fauna.
Of these, we are particularly interested in the great apes, which are DNA-detected relatives of the human species. Prehistoric men lived on trees, and then the weather on earth led them to come down from trees and search food on the ground. In the context of foraging, soon became it clear, that it was much better for prehistoric people to form groups, getting more food and protecting each other better. Unfortunately, these groups of people looked at their neighbours already as "food", and so they have gone to war.
This bad human and inhuman trait has persisted ever since, so we have been at war ever since. However, hundreds of thousands of years old drawings could be found in ancient caves, depicting humans hunting, animals in artistic expression. This stems from the fact that groups of people later specialised and some of them hunted, some made tools and some taught the younger ones. As the human brain evolved, man created, invented and invented ever more complex tools.
In the course of human evolution, people built more and more beautiful buildings and houses, they created cities and, and unfortunately, they fought battles, too, but they decorated their houses inside and outside with paintings, pictures and sculptures. So there was also a need and an aspiration for beauty and goodness.

The human brain and thinking became more and more complex, they discovered science, art, the stars, and this opened the infinite space towards to the Creator, and since then man's main ambition is to know the intention of the infinite Creator.

The Creator's greatest creation is the creation of thinking man! Man is the apex of creation!

I will not bore the reader with ancient, medieval and modern history, which having read or learned in his schools. 
But I have written about the origin of life, how was created and developed from the animal kingdom the outstanding, highly skilled inventor, the creative man, who rules now the Earth.

I believe Universe is infinite, as I have already published on the Internet, on my website, in my essay

There are countless Universes in the infinite Universe, our Universe is one of many, these Universes are part of an infinitely large atom, forming matter! This matter, this creation, continues many times over on an even larger and larger scale. This statement is a good explanation for the existence of infinite space!

The known Universe

What I have described above so far perfectly proves the creation planned and implemented by the Creator. But! Reading the above, it might arise at the same time, that the creation of the world what I have written about, is also a FAITH!
​But! It is supported by physical facts that prove the existence and continued operation of the Creator and Designer. The idea that the Universe, including the Entire Universes, just came from nothing is not acceptable. From nothing to nothing will become nothing. It needed the Creator, in the Universe He created, so that our Universe can also be created by Him!

There are so many Faiths and Religions. People are looking for Peace, for serenity, desire for love through fire and water, they want to believe in themselves.

I think there are two Gods existing, the first one is within us and shapes our thoughts, our consciousness.

The other one, the Creator, who created the known Universe, in it the Solar System and the Earth, for the purpose of creating there the thinking beings who wishes to be like Him, the Human Beings!

The opponents, may have the opinion that all these of what I have described above, of the existence of the Creator that all these extremely subtle, yet high-energy events I have listed could have happened by accident after the Big Bang.
Could the Universe have been created in this way?
Yes, but according to our present knowledge, there is not only the known Universe, but also many more, an infinite number of Universes is conceivable, and there is no such a thing as an infinite number of coincidences!

But there are doubters, contrarians, who believe that the belief in God, and the BELIEF is decisive.

Universe is created by God to his image and populated with people,
and we can pray to the good God, and if we repent our sins, we can get forgiveness, absolution through prayers. Atheists are also of the description, who believe in nothing but in God not at all.

The ultimate proof that the Creator did exist, does exist: His work is the creation of the Universe, of thinking, creative life, by which the Creator multiplies Himself. All future events of the Universe, including the creation of the Earth, the creation of life, the birth of human beings, are determined and ordained by the Big Bang. We wish to know the Creator's thought about the future of human beings! The Universe was created with a perfection that suggests intelligence and a precision that suggests intentionality. Our existence is not possible to be a work of chance, not because everything is determined, predetermined, predestined from the beginning.

St Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274), the famous scientist and philosopher’s opinion about the creation of the world:

"Things are in motion, therefore there is a first mover
Things have a cause, therefore there is an initial cause.
Things exist, therefore there is a creator, too,
The perfect goodness exist, therefore there is its source
Things seem to have planned, therefore they serve a purpose."

An old, true picture of destiny, the saying is absolutely true today. 
With a slight variation, this saying is true, from the dust of the explosion of countless stars came the special atoms and materials that made life and the creation of man possible. So we were born from the stars. After we are gone, the atoms remaining from our dust, joining with other life-creating atoms, form and create new life. Thus, too, the great cycle of continuous birth and death is accomplished.

I write about this more details in my essay "Eternal Life"
I wrote about how possible is that we do not cease to exist with our passing, there is a further life.

From that I have written so far, it is also clear that we connect to the CREATOR and the Universe with our knowledge, with our thoughts in our minds, and thus eternal life is possible.

Dear reader, please accept my appreciation for reading through my thoughts on the Creator in this dissertation. I am not sure, I hope only that my thoughts will be accepted-accepted, but it is also possible that I have written it too early, human thinking is not yet developed enough to embrace the future and new things.

Budapest, 21.12.2022.

Ferenc Hollosi