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Disassemble the Meade LX200
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Disassemble the Meade LX200 telescope

Dear Astronomer Collegue!

Before you start to disassemble MEADE LX200/355 you will need english imbus key with the size of 0.050" - 3/8" and screwdriver with a right size.

1-3. pictures: first of all you need to take off the focusing button and the primary mirror lock button by opening the tangent screws.

4-5. pictures: after removing the  tangent screws of the inlet optic you need to raise the fixing collar by holding the optic very carefully. Then you can lift the optic, too.

6. picture: shows the lifting of the primary mirror turning in lateral direction throw the tube gap. This operation must be done very carefully!

7. picture: shows the inside of the telescope with the guiding tube.

8. picture: shows the disassembled guiding tube covered with the special grease .

9. picture shows the disassembled primary mirror with the focusing mechanics.

10. picture: the disassembled focusing mechanics.

11. picture: the primary mirror with a big central bore.

12. picture: the primary mirror holder connecting to the central bore of the primary mirror. The fitting was solved with paper band as you can see...