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The birth and death of the Universe
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The birth and death of the Universe

Prelude: To express my thoughts more clearly, I used self-made pictures, but I also found it necessary to use photos and descriptions made by the “Greats”, always publishing the details of the creator. I have to thank the authors!

Light has arisen shortly after the arisen of the Universe, after the Big Bang. Until then, it was darkness, because there were no atoms, after they were created, light was born! And during the expansion of the Universe, stars have brightened. Later, they formed into pairs, groups, galaxies. The formation of stars is continuous, which has not stopped ever since, the disappearance of stars is continuous, too. But the black holes also eliminate many stars!

WMAP Image of Microwave Background Irregularities                                                                                                                         About 380,000 years after the Big Bang, atomic nuclei and electrons came together to form atoms, and the universe became transparent for the photons (light). The microwave background radiation comes from this time, but due to the expansion of the Universe, which is evidenced by the phenomenon of redshift, its temperature has dropped. ( June 2003)

Looking to the WMAP photo for microwave background image is striking to me a blank field in the middle (the blue spot). Is it possible, that the Big Bang may have been there.? In this case, it looks like to be the center of the Universe! If it’s true, it also shows that the Universe does a ring-like expanding. It would follow that in a very long time the Universe would be dispersed in Infinity!? 

The red spot in the middle of the photo is the UDFj-39546284, the farthest object actually observed at the Fornax constellation, in Hubble Ultra Deep Field, found by the Hubble Space Telescope, was released on January 26, 2011. Its distance from Earth is 13.2 billion light-years, taking 480 million years from the Big Bang. Its size can be about 1/100 parts of the Milky Way.

The formation of a new star is currently done by converting most of the hydrogen of the previously formed stars into helium and other lighter elements. When the transformation reaches a critical percentage, it expands to a giant, than discards its outer mantle diffusing that in the Universe. From these were created the star nebulas. Beside the star dust, nebulae contain atoms such as hydrogen and even lighter elements formed by nuclear fusion. In these nebulas whirling are created by the external gravity effect, than this whirling results stardust thickening, which increases until the whirling converge to a star core. The core, getting gravitational pull of its own mass, will attract more and more star dust and hydrogen, and when it reaches a critical mass nuclear fusion begins. The Star is born!

MEADE LX-200 2017-12-16 0454 jpg Created by: Ferenc Hollósi                                                                                                            Canon EOS-750 ISO-1600, Exp. Time: 131s

The newborn star, V1331 Cyg in the Cygnus constellation (en.wikipedia)

In any case, the new star will be formed from the dust of the former star.                                                                                          Not only helium is formed during nuclear fusion, but light elements, too such as aluminum.                                                            In the second case, the star is formed of medium-heavy elements, like hydrogen and dust.                                                                Then, in the third case, formed of even heavier elements, eg iron (our car is made from).                                                                    In the fourth case, iridium is already formed (a component of the battery of electric cars).                                                            Star formation and passing are both continuous (never will stop?!). But, the very important is after how many star explosions has the star dust been created.                                                                                                                                                                    The death of the star is caused when iron would come into existence in the middle of the star core by nuclear fusion. Iron is not only the center of the star, but one of the most important elements of our earthly existence.

I can't imagine the awfulness that every star would live forever. There could be an infinite number of stars, but if there were an infinite number of stars, it would also fill the infinite space, and regarding the given energy of the stars, the thoughtful human being emerge would be impossible. So the Creator created the star lifespan well! As it would be also a terrible thing for mankind, to live forever. Theoretically, you could figure out how many people would live now!                                                  There is a research that determines the age of the stars with spectral analysis, looking what kind of elements are contained, in addition to dust and hydrogen, and if the test shows less elements (sulfur, iron, copper aluminum, etc.) in the material content of the star, the earlier was formed compared to the Big Bang.

By the way it must be mentioned that cca. 3 billion years and evolution were needed on the Earth to create the double helix of the DNA that makes up the thinking human being, as well as countless hundreds of thousands of star explosions, and new star-forming from them to create the material of our Earth planet, which exceptionally contains complex, necessary atomic and molecular, chemical, weather, and water conditions needed to create the thinking human being!

​The double helix of DNA (picture above) reminds me, interestingly, only 10 percent of the double helix is ​​used by us, thinking people, 90 percent of the human DNA is only there, but we don't know why it is evolved.                                                        However, the 10 percent of DNA has developed dramatically over the last 200 years.                                                                          It would be a very interesting research topic, utilizing 90 percent of the DNA!

Of course there is DNA research in many institutes, awesome though forbidden! But they also deal with DNA transformation. Unfortunately, the super man will come true (referring to Stephen Hawking's opinion).                                                                        I wish the geneticists could remove from the human DNA the aggression and the killing tendency, ingrained during the evolution, for the sake of all of us.                                                                                                                                                                  The UN could do a lot regarding to ban the production of aggressive, murderous, horror films! All over the world, but especially in Hollywood!

If a society without aggression were to materialize (I think it would be possible), there would be no need for weapons, gun factories and there would be no war either. What a lot of money would be freed up and spent by the social creators on human knowledge expansion, space technology developments (which will be needed soon), on researching, for the extension a better human life, and producing food and water, all for the sake of the public good.

Well, not the socialism or communism would be a good solution, there are different living conditions today, but "the existence determines the consciousness" today, too.                                                                                                                                                  Of course, I do not think of politicians today, who have to account later, because of the wars and the lot of victims started in order to the gun manufacturers. But the politicians who spend public money, taxes and billions on making their own theoretic and real statues, on increasing their own wealth, are no different. I have lived and could experience the downfall of a few statues and the judgment of the people, the posterity.

Interesting parallels, that only 4 percent of the Universe, the visible light, is known more or less. 96 percent of dark energy and dark matter are being researched, unsuccessfully so far.                                                                                                                  According the best of my knowledge, we use only 10 percent of the human brain, too. So here we have the wonderful research topics, with enormous reserves and potential, the Universe, the Light, the DNA, and the Human BRAIN. ***

The super intelligent thinking computer is not far away, which creation is scary exciting. A problem will emerge only when this smarter computer than us already multiplies itself, and being more knowledgeable than man, judges that superfluous!? That’s why we would do better to keep power supply on/off button always in our hand, and of course, it’s logical to say, the “future enemy of mankind” (by Stephen Hawking) works with solar cells. Although I think we'd do the best if we wouldn't develop our own enemy!                                                                                                                                                                                                          A new weapon would born again!

So, for the future, mankind has to strive (and not to do wars!), because on this Earth we have no more 3 billion years once again for a new evolution! Because our star, the Sun, will inflate in 3 billion years for such a size to be able to absorb the Earth and then shrinking into a hot dwarf, according to the current researches and Stephen Hawking.

From Orion Constellation - Betelgeuse                                Newton 1000/250, 2016-03-24                                                  Made: by Ferenc Hollósi                                                                  Canon EOS-50D, ISO-200, Exp.:76s

 Star Betelgeuse on Hubble                                                              Photo: NASA, ESA / Hubble

I am not ashamed of my amateur Betelgeuse image, next to the Hubble image, because every star on the earth looks like a bright spot. Except the Hubble Telescope, which can magnify the Betelgeuse star, see the picture above.

"The Betelgeuse M2Iabh type red super giant, one of the largest known stars of a physical size, is about 950 to 1200 times the diameter of the Sun and its weigh is estimated 7.7 to 20 Sun. However, over the last 15 years, since 1993, it has been gradually shrinking, reducing its diameter by 15% compared to the beginning of interferometer measurements, which does not preclude it becoming supernovae in the not too distant future. The star loses matter rapidly, extends a mass of material six times the diameter of the star, and is likely to have very large convection cells on its surface. All of this shows an extremely rapid star evolution over its age (only about 8-9 million years). ("

I started my writing with the birth of the Universe.                                                                                                                                    But there are several theories about the end of the Universe: at present, Universe is expanding at light-speed certified by redshift, according to and detected by Hubble, for which he has been rewarded. I dare not accept this theory!                      What I am debating in my article "The light’s mysterious road through the Universe”. Several astronomers and astrophysicists dispute it, too.                                                                                                                                                                 

There are some people claiming that the Universe expands infinitely, then cools down, dissolving its material!?

While others think the expansion will reverse and the Universe will shrink and disappear in a singularity!?

There is also the theory that Big Bang and  the rebirth of the Universe were countless times. This future is not attracting me, too, so I would like to recommend my article entitled “Affirmation, explanation and demonstration of the infinity of the Universe ”.

At present, many physicists and astrophysicists have been in detecting, defining and getting to know dark matter and dark energy, unsuccessfully. But, I trust the talents and the willpower of physicists, astrophysicists, whose research on dark matter and dark energy will be succeeded.                                                                                                                                                              Whoever succeeds is rightly guaranteed the world-famous Nobel Prize!                                                                                                    I deal with the question of the dark matter and dark energy in my article “The light’s mysterious road through the Universe ”.

For us average people, a whole new world would open up with wonderful new opportunities.                                                 I wish my dear readers and myself to live a long live, until the discovering of all the materials of the Universe!

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Ferenc Hollosi, Budapest, Hungary